Antioch, CA

Antioch is the second-largest city in Contra Costa County, and as of 2019, it is estimated the population is approximately 111,000.

Antioch has a somewhat wild and varied history.

Built on the shores of the San Joaquin River, the land was originally owned by a wealthy ranchero, Don José Noriega, who was actually deeded several large rancheros in the area.

It was then transferred to another ranchero, John Marsh who developed not only a shipping port, but a slaughterhouse, and other businesses. Later Marsh sold the land to twin brothers from Boston, and the city, originally named Smith Landing, became Antioch, which was incorporated in 1872.

Initially, coal was the major part of the economy and then later, copper was found in the area. Thousands of Chinese immigrants flooded the area to work the copper mines, although hardly any were allowed to live within the city.

Today, of course, Antioch is primarily a bedroom community in Contra Costa County approximately 37 miles from Oakland, and a little further from to San Francisco.

There are two large hospitals in Antioch which do provide employment for some, but about 90 percent of the working population commutes to work outside Antioch.

While the majority commute in private automobiles, there is a Bart stop in Antioch which attracts a substantial amount of commuters.

The average real estate price in Antioch is around $700,000 for a home, but that is still around $300,000 cheaper than a home in Oakland or San Francisco.

The advantage of living in Antioch is that there is plenty of acreages, so people living in the city definitely have a suburban feel to it, which is nice after such a long commute.

However, like the rest of Contra Costa County, there are some drawbacks, the primary one being crime.

Antioch has a lot of property crime and vehicle theft, which rates it only a C for safety according to a popular rating site.

Another is the poverty level. Although the medium family income is $79,000, about one out of every 6 residents of Antioch fall below the poverty level.

To be honest, Antioch is a mixed city. Compared to San Francisco and Oakland, Antioch is a bargain, and there is plenty of recreation and shopping and a better commute than other locales.

However, not every area of Antioch is completely safe, so choose wisely which area of Antioch you want to live in. If you want to experience a more rural feel, check out Concord City.

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