Concord, CA

Approximately 22 miles Northeast of San Francisco, the city of concord, with a population of around 129,000, is the largest city in Contra Costa.

Originally inhabited by the Bay Miwok Native American tribe, some of which still live in Concord, the city was originally named “Todos Santos” (Spanish for All Saints) by Don Salvio Pacheco, who was granted a huge amount of land in the area.

Pacheo, just 3 miles away was the original boomtown in the region, with a harbor deep enough in Pacheco Slough to take on huge ships. However, floods and fires devastated most of Pacheco, and the population shifted to Concord, which was incorporated in 1905.

Concord is a very ethnically diverse city, with an evenly split population, and a mix of the wealthy and the less economically advantaged.

With a fairly high medium family income of $89,000, the citizens are fairly prosperous, but all that glitters is not gold.

While medium family incomes are high, nearly 10 percent of the population is at the poverty rate.

In addition, 27 percent of Concord residents are foreign-born, and only 85 percent are citizens.

The average home value in the city is $629,000 making homeownership difficult for many. As a result, Concord has a mix of 60 percent ownership and 40 percent renting.

Another problem is the commute time to work. A significant percent of the city is on the road a combined 1 hour a day or more, to get to the better-paying jobs in nearby communities.

Of the largest 20 employers in Contra Costa County, none of them are located in Concord.

Unfortunately, crime and safety are also a problem in Concord. Although most crimes are theft, including motor vehicle theft, one major neighborhood comparison site gave Concord only a C for safety, as compared to most other cities in the county which received a B rating.

Do not let any of the above negatives dissuade you from living in Concord, however.

Despite the high cost of real estate, which is common throughout the Bay area, Concord has plenty to offer. There are rolling hills, tons of parks and hiking trails, good nightlife and restaurants, and a quaint suburban charm that cannot be beaten.

Concord has plenty of lands, which gives it much more of a rural feel but has all the amenities one could ask for. So if you are looking for a new home, we recommend you check Concord out. For another exciting neighborhood in California, check out Walnut Creek.

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