Martinez, CA

Compared to other Contra Costa Cities, Martinez is small, with a population of only around 38,000.

Like most of the other cities in Contra Costa County, Martinez was formed out of a land grant, and named after the original grantee, Ygnacio Martínez.

Martinez is located on the shores of the Carquinez Strait and faces nearby Vallejo and Benicia. .

Martinez was seen as a stop for would-be miners in the heady days of the gold rush, and as a pony express stop.

Other than that, the early days of Martinez are fairly unremarkable, with the exception that naturalist John Muir lived there and diet there.

Martinez was officially incorporated in 1876.

Oil refining began in Martinez around 1904 and there are presently 4 major oil refineries within a short distance of Martinez.

However, Marathon has closed its refinery plant and laid off its employees, and other refineries may fall in line, meaning that Martinez, locally, may undergo big economic changes in the future.

However, over a quarter of Martinez residents have a college degree, and many of those laid off will likely find jobs in nearby Oakland or San Francisco.

Residents of Martinez have a relatively high family income of $118,000, while a new home in Martinez will run around $900,00, still significantly cheaper than houses in San Francisco.

And homeownership is high. Roughly 67 percent of all residents own their home, one of the best indicators of a stable environment.

Crime here is much better, getting an average crime rating of a B-, and the schools are some of the best in the Bay area.

Obviously, like in any city, there are more desirable and less desirable places to live, but Martinez is seen by real estate agents as one of the best buys in the entire Bay Area.

There is a Bart Station nearby in Northern Concord, just a few miles away, and Martinez, when you get to the suburbs, is as tranquil as any suburb in the Bay area.

It should be noted that the average age range is a little higher in Martinez, 47 as compared to many other Contra Costa City. And age, more often than not, speaks of stability.

The city may take a hit if all the refineries close, but word is that city officials are prepared for it and are already encouraging high-tech replacements.

So put Martinez down on your list of cities to check out. If you’re into hiking and love to stroll in shoreline park, then you should check out Richmond, CA.

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