Oakley, CA

With a population of around 43,000, Oakley is another manageable place for couples and families to live.

Approximately an hour from San Francisco and 45 minutes from Oakland, Oakley was generally wine country farmland until it was incorporated in 1999, by State Charter.

During the 1990s, Oakley grew by an amazing 525 percent.

One of California’s Youngest cities, people are attracted to live in Oakley because of its smaller size and rural yet suburban feel.

The city has a feel of sparse suburban, and that’s exactly the kind of place they wish to raise their family.

Residents of Oakley have a family household income of nearly $105,000 and over 72 percent of the residents own their own home.

One of the reasons many people choose to live in Oakley, though they may have a longer commute, is that real estate is cheaper.

It’s still possible to buy a home in Oakley for $600,000, although many people pay more and get bigger spreads.

And there are plenty of homes for sale in that price range.

In addition, Oakley is racially diverse, which is nice.

Yes, you do have to drive a little to get to a shopping mall, and yes, many of the restaurants offer fast food, but within a short drive, you can get everything you need for both dining and nightlife.

Oakley has decent schools, and according to surveys, 90 percent of local residents feel safe in their homes and their schools.

Besides the small-town feel, many people move to Oakley for the recreation.

Oakley has great fishing, great hiking trails, and great parks. In parks, Oakley excels, with a grand total of 32 parks.

In addition, Oakley has an 18 hole public golf course, which is nice to have for recreation.

A big part of the attraction of Oakley is civic participation. With over 93 percent of the local population being citizens, residents of Oakley really pitch in to be a part of the community.

Of course, the bad part of living in Oakley is that residents typically add a half-hour per day to their commute, but the advantage of their families living in a quieter and safer place seems to outweigh the long commute for most.

It should be noted, however, that the average family in Oakley does have three cars per household. If you want another exciting city in California, check out San Ramon.

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