Orinda, CA

Orinda was built at the intersection of 4 Spanish rancheros, and in the 1880s, Theodore Wanger, a United States Surveyor General, who built a large estate called Orinda Park.

Shortly thereafter a post office was installed, and a few years later the post office changed its name from Orinda Park to simply Orinda.

Compared to other cities in Contra Costa, residents of Orinda are fairly elite. Nearly 43 percent have a Masters’s degree, nearly 4 times the national average, and the median annual family income is a whopping $233,000.

Traveling to and from Orinda was somewhat difficult until the Caldecott Tunnel was completed in 1937. As a result, Orinda became a popular suburban outlet, if you could afford it.

Over 90 percent of local residents own their own homes, and as property taxes are used to reimburse schools, it is no wonder that Orinda schools are rated A+ and some of the best public schools in the entire Bay area.

As you might expect, Orinda does not have near the diversity that other Contra Costa cities have, and real estate is sky-high.

The median rate for new listings in the Orinda area currently runs around $1,650,000.

Orinda runs at the 82 percentile in safety, meaning that it is safer than the vast majority of cities in the US.

In 2020l 24/7 Wall Street published a list of the 50 best cities in the entire country to live in. Orida was on that list, ranked as number 28.

There are few jobs locally in Orinda, so most people either commute or work from home, commuters have the advantage of also commuting via Bart.

As you might expect, the poverty rate is fairly low in Orinda, and the average age of the residents is also older at 48.

For those who do live in the city but do not own, the typical rent hovers at around $2800 per month.

Orinda is very popular because it allows families to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city.

Lots are large, and there is relatively little worry.

There is plenty of nightlife if you need it, and nearby Oakland offers even more, and there are scads of rolling trails.

In addition, it’s considerably warmer in Orinda than it is in the Bay area, which is definitely a consideration for some who are outdoor enthusiasts.

Orinda is pricey but warm and inviting. If you want to explore another exciting city in California, check out Martinez.

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