Richmond, CA

Richmond, CA. is in western Contra Costa County and is only around 10 miles from Oakland. Richmond has a population of around 110,000 people.

Originally inhabited by the Ohlone Indians, like most of Contra Costa County, Richmond was originally forged out of a Spanish Land grant.

Richmond was named in the fondness of Richmond Virginia, by a San Francisco politician, who persuaded surveyors to name the area Point Richmond, which eventually simply became Richmond.

Richmond was incorporated in 1905, but from the beginning, Richmond was a hub of financial opportunity. There was a Ford Motor assembly plant in operation for over 30 years, and during World War II there were 4 Naval shipyards located in the city.

A city of tremendous diversity, Richmond is decidedly a blue-collar town and has a medium family income of $68,000, sadly, one of every 4 members of a household is in poverty.

Unfortunately, as throughout the Bay area, this does not stop the price of housing to skyrocket, with the average new home costing $772,000

As befitting the income divide in the city, only around 50 percent of the residents own their own home, with the other 50 percent renting.

There is plenty of local employment for trained blue-collar workers, so that is one element that is in favor for commuters. But Oakland is only a short drive away. In addition, Richmond is served by Bart which is also heavily utilized.

Fortunately, Richmond is gradually moving away from heavy industry and is slowly progressing to become a high-tech hub. So despite the fact that Richmond has a more dense feel to it, the city is progressive.

There are a number of beautiful parks, including shoreline parks, including 8 great hiking trails.

And as the city is diverse, so are the restaurant and shopping opportunities.

While the overall cost of living tends to be high, for the overall Bay Area, Richmond is very reasonable.

The two biggest drawbacks are crime and environmental factors.

As far back as the 1990s and early 2000s, the city was on the most dangerous list for crimes.

The city has made headway, but unfortunately, Richmond has a long way to go and is still rated no higher than a C in its crime levels, particularly in burglaries, property theft, and vehicle theft.

As a result, choose the area you will in Richmond in carefully.

In addition, Richmond is in a prime fault line for earthquakes, which combined with chemical plants, make a dangerous combination. If you love recreation and shopping, check out Antioch City.

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